The uniqueness of BIBES is that the soap is placed inside the body scrub, which is equipped with handles on each side. The soap can be left in the body scrub during the entire wash. BIBES design and the easy-to-grip handles make it easy access anywhere on the body.

BIBES works either for quick showers or long relaxing baths. Work up plenty of soapsuds before you start scrubbing. BIBES gives a massage sensation and stimulates blood circulation while effectively scrubs away dead skin cells. The result is a clean and silky smooth skin. Tip: For even smoother skin, use BIBES in the sauna.

BIBES is a hygiene product, made of polypropylene (PP), which is recyclable. PP is durable and dries quickly so that BIBES stays fresh for a long time. Rinse and hang up your BIBES after use, and you have a body scrub that lasts for several years.


BIBES is about 65 cm long and 28 cm wide, covering a large portion of the back during use. BIBES consists of hand-knitted polypropylene (PP) threads, which makes it durable and sustainable, therefore there is no need to change it as often as other scrubs. PP is an environmentally conscious choice of material, as when it is recycled, it emits only water vapour and carbon dioxide!


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